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Tips on How to Save Time Learning in Pregnancy

Access to information is on the rise if we want to know something, we go to our best friend Google and search. Let’s face it, it’s what we do best and we’ve all become Google experts haven’t we?

Do you sometimes wonder why you remember certain things and forget others? Or why you tune off when listening or watching something and then realise, so you have to go back, rewind and listen or watch it again?

Well, it’s not all about your hormones although during pregnancy they are a good thing to blame for most things aren’t they.

The truth is we all have different learning styles whether we are pregnant or not. What is different in pregnancy is yes, I’m going to say it, we do have fluctuating hormones, we do have lots to think about, our bodies are changing and adapting getting us ready for parenthood. So, our focus and concentration for taking in information and knowledge can get a bit hazy.

To help you get the most from your learning experience in pregnancy it’s good to first understand your preferred learning style and guess what I’m going to tell you how.

Get a pen and paper

Sit in a quiet room where you can think and reflect and not be interrupted.

Split your paper into two sections by either drawing a vertical line in the middle of the page or folding the paper into two sections so you end up with two columns.

In the left column write ‘what I learnt’ and on the right column write ‘how I learnt it’.

Now write down all the things you learnt over the last 10 years in the left column.

Next write down in the right column how you learnt the thing or skill, was it from enrolling in a face to face classroom style course, was it from reading a book, was it from listening to an audio or going to a cookery course or doing an online course, etc.

You may have done all of the above but what you need to do now is think about what you enjoyed the most and highlight those things from the list.

You now have a highlighted list, even if it’s just one.

Look at the 4 learning styles below to find out which one is your preferred one by matching your highlighted list to the below.

I'd be happy to assist you with your pregnancy and childbirth!

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