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Don't Want to Suffer from Buyers Remorse

So many people are out there to give you advice on what to and what not to buy when you’re getting ready for the arrival of your beautiful baby, even when you are not really interested in their opinion right? Then you have your mum and mother-in-law getting in on the conversation saying things like ‘life was simple in our days’, ‘you don’t need that’, ‘what a waste of money’!

I have to admit life was easier back then, you just went to Mothercare or any other similar baby shop and bought a few essential items like a moses basket, cot, pushchair, highchair, steriliser and you were pretty much good to go. So what has changed and why have our buying needs increased from a list of 5 essential items to over 20.

For starters, social media has raised our awareness of what is out there to buy, and to be honest even if it’s not an essential item you want it because you want all the best things for your baby, don’t you!

Trust me when I say this ‘beware of buying just because a social media influencer has recommended it’. There are some influencers out there that are genuine and will be truthful and honest about the items that are really needed for a newborn. But there are also those that are being paid or getting things for free from companies to promote and advertise their items.

When you’re pregnant you are looking forward to getting your home ready for your baby, you’re full of love hormones and you want everything to be right and perfect in time for the arrival. Watching an influencer promoting a baby item will trigger an emotional response and you’ll begin to feel that the item is a must-have regardless of price. So just be aware and a bit more cautious before deciding on what you actually need.

Do your research and yes do listen to friends and family who have had children and find out what they actually used and what was put away in the garage or loft to collect dust. Then make a list of the must-haves, these are the items that are absolutely essential i.e. somewhere for the baby to sleep, a pushchair if you want to take the baby out, a car seat to bring your baby home, and so on. Then make a list of, what I call ‘I want items’ these are those things that you could do without but will be nice to have. This way you can make better-informed decisions on how to spend your money and prepare for the arrival of your beautiful baby and reduce buyer's remorse at the same time.

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