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By purchasing this course you hereby release Roshina Khan from any liability or claims that could be made against her or her company concerning you, your foetus or  your or your baby’s/child’s mental and/or physical well-being now and in the future.

Scope of Practice

I understand that Roshina Khan is not a licensed physician, psychologist, or medical practitioner of any kind and that the contents of this course including hypnotherapy/hypnobirthing should not be considered a replacement for the advice and/or services, of a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, or doctor.


By purchasing this course are agreeing to be hypnotised by the recordings that are part of this course and to listen to these recordings on a regular basis throughout pregnancy, childbirth and labour. You understand that you play an important role in your overall hypnobirthing success.


By purchasing this course you understand that although hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing  has an incredibly high success rate, Roshina Khan cannot and does not guarantee results since your personal success depends on many factors that Roshina Khan  has no control over, including your willingness and desire to affect the changes inside of yourself.



Roshina Khan and her company retains full copyright over all contents of this course including the audio recordings, videos and resources.



By purchasing this course you give your consent that Roshina Khan or her company may release information to a specific individual or agency if it has been determined that a vulnerable person (child or elder) is at risk; if I, as a client, am in imminent danger to myself or others; or if a subpoena of records has been requested.



By purchasing this course you accept that no refunds will be given for any course. 

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